Saturday, 6 September 2008

Rain sucks!

I thought i'd seen enough rain at trans wales but we have just had 2 weeks work in 24hours in cardiff. Every time i try and train i get rained on at the moment so i've had to resort to busting out the rollers. Threeshold intervals on the turbo are one of the most unpleasant things i've ever done to myself! I guess its worth it if i do a good ride at Dusk till dawn though. My entry is in so i'm really looking forward to that now. Unfortunatly the NPS enduro has been cancelled which is a shame, but i'll use the opertunity to visit home after spending all summer in cardiff. I have one more week left of my summer job and its only a few weeks till i start my last year at uni....exciting times :) !
....right off to torture my self on the turbo again....

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