Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ups and Downs

The last weeks been a bit up and down. The knee injury which i picked up at trans wales started playing up again which ment training was affected. I had to do easy rides for a week which was frustrating as I try and build up for Dusk till Dawn. I had a great day at afan though, it was nice to have such a chilled out ride for a change. I'm back home in cambridgeshire for the week now. I've seen the physio and she worked her magic so I'm back up to full strength again. I had a few muscle imbalances as a result of twisting my pelvis but they are all sorted now.... so I celebrated by turning myself inside out on the rollers!! I'm feeling good and strong so hopefully i can have a good few weeks leading up to Dusk till Dawn now....I cant wait!!

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