Friday, 3 October 2008

Sitting and waiting....

I'm currently sat at home waiting. Everything is ready for Dusk till Dawn, bikes clean and working, food ready and pit sorted. Now I'm counting down to the start. I'm feeling good and ready to race both physically and mentally and just want to get out there. Its forcast to rain all night but if anything thats a good thing as it may crack a few people mentally. I cant wait to take on the top guys in the country and see how i fair. I much fitter than i was at 24/12 and now the experiance of riding a 12h so understand my body much more. Hopefully i can be up at the sharp end of the race and stand on the podium at the end, hopefully the top! This is the most important race that i have done as i can show that i can take on the top guys in the country and really establish my self on the UK enduro circuit. Fingers crossed!!!

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