Sunday, 1 March 2009

rest the legs, work the brain...

It’s all been a bit quite in the world of Josh in terms of cycling this week. The last 2 months I’ve been training like a machine and my fitness has gradually been increasing. I now have a great base fitness however my body is now ready for a bit of a rest so this week I’ve mainly been resting or spinning around in the small chain ring, unheard of for me! Its doing me good though, may be I should do it more often…

University work has also been building up. Its 4 weeks until my final course work deadline and I’m counting down the days! Unfortunately it does mean I do actually need to do some work first. My final project is based around designing a system. Initially I was going to tackle the issues of genetic doping in sports, however after a number of extremely scientific and confusing conversations with some experts in the field I soon changed my mind, I am doing a product design degree not a genetics degree after all!

So now my project is still focused on drug testing in sports however now I am re-designing the current system used to collect urine samples for drug testing. It’s not the most glamorous subject but still pretty interesting.

I’d rather be riding my bike though!

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