Sunday, 15 March 2009

Resting and racing

This week has been a mixed one. The first half of the week I felt terrible. My sore throat got worse and I had a temperature and head ache. The most exertion I managed was to go to the kitchen to get some food. Fortunately it began to clear midweek so I started a few gentle rides. I think the additional rest did me some good as my legs felt pretty good.

By the weekend I was fine, and looking forward to the first race of the year, a local circuit race on the road. The race was held at Bryn Bach park, a 3 km circuit consisting of a 1km climb, a 1km headwind descent and then a 1km drag back to the start of the climb. All in all a tough little circuit. I had raced there once before as a junior in the Junior Tour of Wales but unfortunately my memories were not very fond, I blew in the morning stage and was then swiftly dropped in the afternoon stage at Bryn Bach Park. Not fun!

A small break of 2 riders went away on the second lap, but unfortunately I missed it. On the next lap I attacked on the climb and put the pressure on at the front. After a few more laps we established a group of 4 riders and worked together to bring back the leaders. As the race progressed it was clear that the leaders were well clear so it looked like a sprint to decide the placing in our group. Unfortunately the earlier efforts took their toll on my legs so I finished last in our group in the sprint. I was still 6th overall though so not a bad start to the season. By the time we had finished it looked like we had been in a mtb race due to all the mud on the road!

Sunday I went out on the club run. The sun was finally shining, so I took the opportunity to get the legs out, well below the knee at least! After an hour a small group of us split and did a longer loop. There were a few angry 1st cat riders out after the premier calendar race was cancelled the previous day so they were keen to keep the pace high. I certainly felt the efforts once I arrived back home 3h later but its rides like that which make you strong.

Next week it the BUCS (university) Xc championships. It should be a great weekend, hopefully I can crack the top 10 this year maybe even the top 5, jus have to wait and see…

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