Monday, 6 April 2009

Back in the shire

I was due to race in 2 road races this weekend, but I felt a bit lethargic most of the week so I decided to skip the races and bring my rest week forward by a few days. I’ve raced the last 3 weeks no it’s not like I’m missing out. No point hammering my self early in the year, so just easy rides for a week or so.

I’ve also returned home for Easter. It’s quite nice to have home comforts again. It makes a nice change to be able to go for a ride and hardly see a car all ride, I’ve been getting a bit fed up of fighting crazy welsh drivers on the way out of Cardiff for the last few weeks. The downside of being back in Cambridgeshire is that there are no hills and no where exciting to ride the Mtb! Not so much of a problem in a rest week though I guess.

On Wednesday I’m off for a cultural day trip, as cultural as I get anyway! A few of us are heading over to Belgium to watch the Ghent-Wevelgelm classic. It’s a great day out watching the pro’s and eating frites with mayo. We did the trip last year which was brilliant. It also means I get to ride the Kemmelberg again, a steep cobbled climb. It’s a good reminder why suspension was invented.

Unfortunately no photos this week, I left my camera cable in Cardiff!

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