Monday, 20 April 2009

Other stuff....

I've been taking it easy on the bike the last few weeks so dont have much cycling related stuff to ramble about!

Here's some of the other things i have been busying my self with recently...

Went to see Bloc Party play in London with my sister... right at the front of 7000 people, got a bit squished!

It was my birthday on the 16th... so I ate cake. I was also given a camera as a present so the blog will have much better pictures from now on.

I'm now 21... so in theory i have another 7-8 years before i reach my physical peak... lets hope so ;)

I also played with/ walked the dog...

Made non-important phone calls to non-important people whilst being irritated by the mother!
Went to Midlands XC rd1 to throw bottles at my mate... luckily it was sunny so the tans brewing up nicely!

The sun was out today so got my sister to take some cool photos of me... there are some gooduns...
...tommorrow i return to Cardiff for my final term at uni... not long untill i am free!
Next weekend I am going to pretend to be a Dh rider at the maxi enduro in Kielder, let the fun begin!

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