Monday, 11 May 2009

work, work , work , work and ..... work!!!

Guess what I've been doing the last week!

University work has been building up recently so i have spent most of my time penned up in my room burning my eyes out with my laptop screen.

I decided to get in a good 3h ride at afan on saturday to help blow off some steam. It all started out good, i rode Whites levels (including the black) in around 1h05 at a nice steady pace. I then headed down the valley to ride the wall. Unfortunatly half way up disaster struck, can you spot the differance?

One of the links in my chain split, which caught in the mech ripping it off. The air was blue for a few minutes! I managed to bodge it single speed and carried on. I rode the main climb in the big ring in the 15t cog, it was bloody hard work. All was good untill i reached the single track section at the top. I was standing pushing the pedals when i suddenly found my self impailed on the stem, an act which could have threatened future generations of the Ibbett family! My chain had snapped again!

So i bodged it again and cut accross the top of the wall2 trail and met up with whites levels again. Unfortunatly on the Dh my chain jumped up the cassette overtightening the chain and ripping the threads out of my chain ring bolts..... more blue air!

So i gave up and walked the climbs and rolled the descents.

So my sress relieving ride left me more stressed, and i retured to my desk.

I had some good endurance training since, 15h stints at my laptop takes a lot of mental skill, similar to racing a 12h enduro!

I have also recntly found out that my final vivas (equivilant to final exams) are the day before Bristol 12.... great!

So I'll either be totally drained for the race or i'll have lots of frustration to get rid off and will rip it up! Lets hope its the latter!

...o yer and i now have a stinking cold, can it get any worse!?!?

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