Sunday, 21 June 2009


Well I’m now officially no longer a student. On Friday I picked up my degree results and moved home for good. I now have a 2.2 degree in product design. I probably should have achieved a better grade but if I’m honest my mind has been else where for most of the 3rd year, bikes are so more interesting than university work!

I’ve not ridden my bike this week. My knees have been giving me grief since Bristol 12. They were a little sore during the race. I think I may have moved my pelvis in one of my many crashes at Bristol 12, which is causing muscle imbalances and pulling my knees. I’m seeing the chiropractor on Monday (after work… need to get used to that!!!) so hopefully it will be sorted by then end of next week, just in time to get a good kicking in the Ras de Cymru 5 day. My legs do feel strong after Bristol though so at least I will be fresh for the rest of the year.

Hopefully things will improve in the second part of the year. There will be less on my mind now that university is out the way and living at home again will mean there are fewer distractions!

I’ve been a bit lost this last week. It’s amazing how you can moan so much about all the uni work, but once it’s gone it’s hard to fill the empty time, especially when injured. I filled most of my time this week by becoming a party animal… it was my last week as a student after all! Does dancing until 4 in the morning count as training?!

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