Monday, 7 September 2009

not so bad

I've been a little dissapointed with my results so far this year. So far I've had no races that I've been really happy with and know i can do so much better.

The past week I was a little tired after a busy month so i decided to have a week with no bike riding. When I looked back over the last 2 months I began to realise why I was tired. In 7 weeks I raced a 4h enduro, 2 12h solo enduros, a 24h in a team plus trans wales. I worked it out as something like 70Hours actual riding time. Quite a lot really!

Then i worked out that in that time i was on the podium 5 times and didnt finish outside the top 5. I guess i have to be happy with that.

Now I'm rested up and ready for the final push. 4 weeks of hardwork before a short taper and my 24h debut... can't wait!

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