Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Busy, busy, busy

The last week I have been busy!

Training is well and truly underway now and last week it was time to have a bit of a rest to ease the pain in my legs and get stronger after a few good long rides. The first part of the week was spent throwing weights around in my garage instead of pedalling. I was hoping that I may actually grow some muscles by doing weights but in reality I don’t think they are any bigger, all the fat has just been used up so I now resemble Skeletor!

Hmm actually even Skeletor has muscles, I shall have to try harder.

We also gained a new family member at the start of the week. Shes keeping us on our toes and likes causing mischief.

The latter part of the week involved a bit more cycling. Before the super serious training starts it is always usefully to have a fitness test. So on Thursday that’s exactly what I did. Nothing like turning yourself inside out and coughing up flem in a flat out 30min hill climb. I was pleasantly surprised by the results as well especially as I haven’t ridden at threshold since summer and also had 5 weeks off! Always nice to find the power scores hitting new highs, even more so when they are higher than the 2 top 10 elite BMBS riders who were also tested J

At the weekend I decided to visit my uni mates in Cardiff and also ride some real trails. So Saturday I went to afan for a steady 4h in the sunshine. It’s so nice to actually ride on hills and down trails with corners! The only bad thing was that I managed to leave all my food in the car and rode 4h on water only. I never knew there were so many stars in Wales, especially in daylight!

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