Sunday, 3 January 2010

New decade

Instead of trying to make long rides sound interesting as i usual do on here i have decided to welcome the new year (and decade) with a look back at my time cycling. This will be the start of my 9th year of racing so I've dug out some photos of my racing years so far...

This was my first ever race aged 14, i felt so cool on my hand me down cannondale in TEAM colours with matching jersey. It was the eastern region series at thetford and i was last!
I had only raced at thetford up untill now. The first NPS round was at thetford and i gave it a go. The rest is history, from then on i travelled around the country doing the NPS.

In the winter of 2003 I joined eastern region velo and took my first victory in the youth eastern league cyclocross on my mountain bike!

My second year racing youth and i started to do ok and get in the top 10 in the nationals. I joined team Synergy and was also selected for the British Cycling Talent Team and was very excited to get my first sponsored bike!

Now a Junior cycling was taking priority over everything in life (and still is!). I was top 10 in the NPS as a first year junior my best being 5th position.

I also raced the 3 peaks cyclo cross and was first junior, best newcomer and also beat all the U23's! A trend was begining to emerge: I did better the long the race was!
My second year as a junior and i trained harder than ever before. The Olympic Development Team had just been launched and i wanted to get on it, unfortunatly i trained too hard and messed up this season and the 2007 season, bad times.

Thanfully Rob had faith in me even though i was overtrained and useless when i joined Extreme Endurance. My performance of the year was at mountain mayhem, i think i cleaned 84 bikes in 24 hours!

Towards the second part of the year i gradually began to get my racing legs back, but i was starting from zero again.

Its safe to say this was my breakthrough year. I was totally unconfident of my fitness and ability in races untill enduro 6. I was ment to do a pair with Rob but he couldn't make it so on the spur of the moment i changed my entry to solo, ELITE! Good job aswell as i came 6th and finally began to belive i could take on the best in endurance races, it hurt though! After Enduro6 i decided to enter my first 12h at 24/12, I won! Then i came second at Dusk till dawn against the fast guys.
The past year was crazy. Uni work was crazy in the first part of the year, and my whole life changed in the second part with moving home, begining work etc etc. As a result i raced lots, trained little and was pretty tired. Overall I was pretty disapointed with my results as individual races. However overall in the circumstances i guess i cant be disapointed. 2nd at bristol 12, 2nd at transwales, 3rd at SITS mixed team, 4th at Torq 12h 5th at 24/12 12h not bad i guess.

The only result I'm pleased with is my first 24h solo. I was tired but worked on my nutrition and mindset in the run up and had a pretty perfect race. I cant be dissapointed with that performance, o yer and i won! 2010
I'll tell you at the end of the year! But I'll be faster than ever before that for sure...

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