Sunday, 1 August 2010

On the mend...

2 weeks has now passed since my initial trip to the physio and my arm was taped back into position. A week later i was back for a check up and some more treatment and this time the results were more promising. I had almost full movement in my arm (although it was weak) and the shoulder hadnot dropped position which shows all the muscles and ligaments were healing.

So now i am back on my road bike and putting in the miles. This week i did a block of 3h z2 rides on 3 consecutive days. Its a bit of a shock to the system after 3 weeks off and my average power is down some 20watts from the form i had pre nationals but i felt stronger every day. My legs were pasted by the end though and i’ve just taken 2 recovery days to heal up. I have also been doing some very litght shoulder weights (1.5kg.) to help build some strenght back up.

I’m hoping that in 2 weeks time i will be fit enough to race at the Brighton BigDog. I’m racing the for 6h in a pair with Rob Dean, a fellow Tall boy rider. Team 2 Tall Boyz on 2 tall boys is ready for action! On thing is for sure, I will 100% be ready for the free bar and the dance floor at the after party!!

I have finally got my hands on some video editing software so am putting together some films from all the helmet cam footage i have from the BC Bike race. There will be a full proffesional edit soon but here is a quick film about stage 1 in the mean time, more to follow...

BC Bike race stage 1 helmet cam from Josh Ibbett on Vimeo.

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