Monday, 30 August 2010

Torq in your sleep 12h

This weekend I raced the 12h Torq in your sleep enudro. I entered as a piar with fellow 24hour racer Antony White. We were both hoping to go for the win but we soon realised this would be a tall order with a number of elite riders in the field. Off the start we settled into 4th position and this is where we stayed for 11 hours. After about half way we gradually began to close the gap and we passed third with an hour to go. Over the next 2 laps we created a comfortable gap to secured 3rd, my 3rd podium in as many weeks.

Here is the lap video from my bar cam:

Torq in your sleep 12h enduro, lap video from Josh Ibbett on Vimeo.

Next week i head up north for the Kielder 100, my first 100mile mtb race.

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