Saturday, 18 September 2010

Make me ride!

Since the Kielders 100 I have to admit I have been a bit slack. The race took a lot out of me so I had 3 days of rest. Then once my rest was over I couldn’t get motivated to ride much so rested a bit more. The end of the season is looming and the thought of training is loosing its novelty, a few beers and a bag of crisps is much more appealing! I spent my lazy time keeping occupied though. My next race is the 3 peaks cyclocross race. I have built up my trusty cross bike once again.

This was my first ever sponsored bike from my days on the talent team. I updated the paint a few years ago though whilst I was a uni to make it look pimp! 3 peaks is a very specialist event even my cyclocross standards. About 5km of the course is unridable and the bike has to be carried up stupidly steep mountain slopes. I’ve been traning for this by doing plenty of squats and also by carrying my bike up some big hills. The only problem with living in cambrdgeshire though is that are no hills! Instead I have been walking up and down the side of the dam which keep grafham water resevoir at bay.

I have got my act together the second part of this week and have done 3 4hour rides. Hopefully that will see me through to the end of the season in 2 weeks time at dusk till dawn where i hope to get a good result.

In the mean time here is a video from a training ride in thetford forest last weekend (in HD too!!!)

Thetford forest mountain biking from Josh Ibbett on Vimeo.

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