Wednesday, 1 December 2010

First win of the year!

So my first block of training for the winter is over. I was scheduled for a 2 week block to get me back into the swing of things and that went by as expected. At the beginning of the second week I was shattered and beginging to question why I ride bikes, but then the training magic happened and by the weekend I was flying again. Its amazing how bad you can feel one day only for the body to respond, over compenate and make you feel great. My big break through ride came on Saturday, a nice 4h road ride in z2. I had been averaging around 215-220Watts on my power meter so I used that as a target. I was hovering around 220watts for the first 2h and feeling great so I pushed it a little more and by the end my average was 334Watts. Very pleasing considering that was the power I was averaging last march!

In fact I was feeling so good that I decided to make it a 3 week block.However that has now been put on hold this week by the Siberian weather. As I sit here writing this my feet are numb and the thought of another 4h riding in -1 with arctic gales doesn’t appeal. A rest week would be better than crashing and spending a month recovering!

In other news I got my first win of the year, the St Ives Cycling Club Mountainbiker of the year. Quite an achievement considering there are no mountains in cambrideshire! A wins a win though!

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