Monday, 3 January 2011

Upping the game...

Happy new year everybody, I hope it will be a good one.

I don’t really have a new years resolution as such this year, more of a life make over! I have decided that some big changes are required, the first being my job. Being a lawnmower salesman is not my niece in life, so as of Christmas Eve I am no longer a lawnmower salesman! For a few months I will be training full time, mostly in sunnier climates. It is something I have wanted to do for a while just to see how fast I can make myself. First off is a week in Gran Caneria for a training camp. The aim is to get in some big miles, massive climbs and get some horrific tan lines to flash at the early season races! After that I will be back in the UK for a short while before once again seeking some sun, this time a month in southern Spain. I should be able to complete my base training in the sunshine, sharpen up my skills and find my climbing legs which have disappeared ever since I finished university and returned to the flat lands of Cambridgeshire, I can’t wait!

On my return the racing begins in earnest in the form of XC racing for a month to sharpen up the legs before the final build up to the national 24 race. I also need to find a job on my return, but will be relocating to the exotic south coast first!

Training had been going well before Christmas even though the weather tried its hardest to stop me. Unfortunately I seem to have picked up one of the many viruses which have been passing around over Christmas so training is intermittent at the moment. I felt slightly better and started the Brass Monkeys between Christmas and New Year, but pulled out after 1h with a cracking headache and dizzy spells. It was frustrating but I decided that it wasn’t worth pushing myself for 4h in the cold and rain and making it worse. Now it seems every time I ride at anything above recovery pace my head starts spinning. More rest needed I think. Hopefully it will clear by the weekend so I can get back to business!

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