Wednesday, 22 June 2011


First off I have no helmet cam video (again!)... so here's some cheesy music to cheer you up while you read!

Mayhem.... that's what the last week or so has been!

My mid season break is kind of working, although I have somehow managed to race every weekend since it began! The past weekend I was at Mountain Mayhem working for my lighting sponsor exposure lights. Since I failed go get a solo entry I thought I'd still go along and take in the atmosphere and use the time constructively and earn some pennies.

What i didn't realise as i packed 1 set of cycling kit 'just in case' I fancied a ride was that once again I would succumb to peer pressure and be persuaded to race in the USE/Exposure mixed elite team along side Sarah Turner, Matt Page and Matt Carr. So the weekend was spent dodging ran clouds in order to keep my set of kit clean if a little unhygienic!

The weekend got off to a great start as we emptied a few crates of beer on the friday night before the race. It was great to catch up with the RAF boys who attended our impromptu party.

The next day my head was a little groggy but i managed to delay my first lap for a while to allow me to sober up a little. Once out on track I decided to take it fairly steady, after all I am on a rest period. I managed to take it steady for at least the first 3 minutes before I hit the timed Kenda climb! As soon as i realised that the clock was on that was that.... PIN IT!

I found a good comprimise to avoid digging too deep was to cruise the flats, big ring the climbs and smash the single track as fast as possible.

All in all I think i did 6 laps all within a few minutes of each other. Even the mid race beers didn't seem to affect my times!

Overall we finished 9th in the category, which was fairly pleasing considering we didnt really take it all that seriously!
Coming out of the weekend I was once again really enjoying riding and racing my bike, something that has lacked for the last month or so. It looks like this taking is easy is working well!

I'm now back in Brighton for a few weeks before the training racks up and racing continues... I'm ready for a BIG end of season, but only when this post mayhem party hangover had gone, thats a story for another time though!

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