Saturday, 12 November 2011

Playing with fire!

Training continues at a nice steady rate at the moment. Its fair to say that there has been a 'social bias' towards my training. Mucking about in the woods and riding with mates has been the order of the day so far. I have begun to ride 30mile to and from work a few days a week though over a nice rolling route with plenty of short sharp climbs, exactly what I need as these are my weakness. I've also been rock climbing once a week and am already noticing the improved strength in my little pecker arms!

Last weekend was the 5th of November, bonfire night, and a perfect example of training with a 'social bias'. Check out my video and remember kids... beer, bieks and fireworks are a dangerous mix!

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Rob Dean: Santa Cruz / The North Face said...

beer, bikes and fireworks are most definitely dangerous. But rearrange to get beer, fireworks and bikes and, in that order, you have a fun night out with a certain Mr. H! ;-)