Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Brass Monkeys Rd 2

The past weekend I raced the second round of the Brass Monkeys winter series. After finishing 2nd at the first round I was keen to try for the win this time around. Things started better than the previous round, I could actually keep up with Tim Dunford for almost a whole lap! Things started to go wrong after around 30minutes though. I struggled on the short sharp climbs early on and entering the second lap my legs just gave way. For some reason I just couldn't ride fast. I dropped back and soon the headaches began and I slowed even more. I'm not a fan of abandoning races but I really felt quite rubbish so decided that rest would be a better option.

The decision was justified when I was dropped on the social Tuesday night ride yesterday. I just couldn't keep up so I can only assume that my body is fighting off a cold or virus. Hopefully I'll be better for Christmas and the week after where I shall be visiting Rich Rothwell up north for a few days of pain (and a curry!).

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Rob Dean said...

I reckon it's because you've not been eating enough mince pies.

There's only a few days left to rectify that, so get scoffing quick!