Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cape epic, the first half!

The past few days we've been playing it safe and taking it easier trying to survive the heat. As soon as it goes above 30degrees I really begin to suffer. My body just don't like that much heat! We've consistently placed inside the top 30 which is pleasing although it would have been nice to be higher. This is one brute of a race though and a conservative race strategy will pay off in the long run. Race is probably not the best word to use, survival is more fitting. If you survive in one piece then the results seem to follow.

Todays stage 4 went well for us. Most people were super tired after yesterdays 147km monster stage. I felt horrific for the first half an hour. My legs felt crap and I was having uncontrollable coughing fits as the remenents of my cold disappear. Ben was at the front with the big boys and i was suffering and grumpy. Then we hit the first climb and the magic happened. Everyone else slowed down and I sped up. My legs felt great and chest cleared. The stage was beautiful, crossing a number of large mountain passes in the African wilderness. An amazing day. The final 25km were on wide exposed tracks and the wind was wild. I can ride the wind fairly well though so was happy enough and tried to pay Ben back a bit by sheltering him when I could after he dragged me home yesterday. We even managed to attack our group with 4km to the finish and stayed away to finish 23rd in the mens category. Hopefully this will move us up the GC a few places too. I'm looking forward to tomorrow now!

Here are some videos from the early stages. INternet is not always great here hence the multiple video hit!

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

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