Monday, 11 June 2012

Bristol Bike Fest

Finally I’m back racing again!

After a dodgy few months were I’ve been struggling with health the subsequent drop in fitness I’ve finally got back on track. The early season races and travelling took their toll on my body and left me pretty run down but now I’m back on it! The past 2 weeks I’ve been getting in some quality training so was looking to build upon this at the Bristol Bike Fest 12hour.

I was racing in a pair with fellow Santacruz / The North Face rider Rob Dean. Luckily the weather held out for us and the course was nice and dry. I went first and so had to do the run. I’m really bad at running so we had plenty of work to do after I’d completed lap 1 mid pack!
Rob was suffering from a recent illness so was not on top form. I was able to knock out constant laps of between 28-29minutes which enabled us to move up the standings. Rob’s times were then enough to hold the position. Coming into the last few hours we were battling with the Niner team. We had been closing the gap the whole race and with 1 hour to go we were neck and neck!

Luckily we managed to sneak ahead in the closing stages of the race and secure that final spot on the podium! So my first podium of the year has taken a little while to arrive but I’m hoping it’s a sign of good things to come over the rest of the summer!

Here my video edit from the race:

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