Sunday, 21 October 2012

Ergon review

I think its time for another review.

I'm lucky enough to be supported by some of the best companies out there. One such company is Ergon.

This year I was lucky enough to be running Ergon grips and gloves. I had always been skeptical about them if I'm honest. The funny shape, strange looks and non matching colors put me off a little. That was until I finally gave in and bought a set last season. I loved them right away, they felt good, gave me more control and most importantly more comfort over the longer races.

So this year was was more than happy to be sponsored by them. The green team issue color was still a little odd but I have to admit that my bikes wouldn't look right if they had black grips now! I also used the GS2 grip with integrated bar end. I used to run bar ends way back when I started racing but then followed the subsequent trend for wide risers then back to flats. The switch back to bar ends was hard, purely a fashion and aesthetic thing in all honesty, but was the best thing I've done to my bike.

The races I took part in early this year involved lots of long climbs and there's nothing better than grabbing the bars ends, opening the lungs and smashing out some power! The grips are the perfect shape and the rubber detail meant that I could still hang on when I forgot that the brakes were out of reach! I might even do the unthinkable and put them on my full suss next year!

A permanent fixture in my kit bag have been the HX2 lightweight long fingered gloves. I love these. They are cool, light and fit a treat. I use them in all but the coldest races. Even in the 40 degree heat of South Africa during the Cape Epic these were the correct glove for the job. I switched to some finger less gloves one day thinking that they would be cooler. They weren't and the next day I switched back to the Ergon long fingers! Such was my dedication t this glove that I returned home from Africa with Ergon logos tanned into the back of my hands!!!!

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