Monday, 4 August 2008

Life as a blogger begins!

Well now i have a blog so i guess i should write something!!!

The last month has been pretty mad. It began with starting my new job at the YHA youth hostel in Cardiff. Its only for the summer as a general assistant but means that i can stay in Cardiff and make the most of the training friendly location.... money comes in handy too!

July was pretty full of racing. I began with the 5 day Ras de Cymru stage race in south wales. Theres nothing like racing for 5 days to bring on the form. I finished in the front group most days, but lacked the racing edge required to get a result. I finished 35th on GC which is ok i guess.... its all about biulding form for later in the month though.

Next up was a week of recovery and getting my head around waking up at 6:30 for work! I soon got used to it though and was racing another local road race at the weekend. I felt crap the whole race, a bit of a hangover form the Ras, but i managed to get into the winning break. Unfortunatly i blew with 3k to go and was caught by the bunch with 1k to go.... aaa well maybe next time.

The big race for the month was my 12hour debut at 24/12 in plymouth. I'd never ridden over 6h before so i wasnt sure what to expect but i was pretty confident i could manage to pace my self... racing it is another matter though! It was quite a big test for me riding for an endurance team which specialises in these races... so far I'd not really contributed much to the results page. Thankfully it appears I am made to ride for stupidly long amounts of time!! I won, leading from start to finish. I felt comfortable for the whole race apart from the last hour where my back gave in (tweaked it at work during the week lifting mob buckets!). The win has given me so much confidence know. I think i knew i had it in me (and a few others have seen it in me and put their faith in me) but winning proved it to myself so now i'm aiming for the top!! Theres so much more to come!

I felt a bit sore for a few day after the 12h but by midweek i was feeling great again. So another local race at the weekend to sharped up for transwales in a few weeks. Finished in the main bunch again but just got tailed off on the finishing climb... cant be to disapointed after last week but i would have prefered to win!

So thats me upto date. Hope i havent bored you with my essay.. i promise next time it will be shorter!

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