Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Back in training

I rode my bike for the first time since dusk till dawn on saturday. I felt great to be back and my legs are feeling really good after the break. A steady 2h30 followed by 3h on sunday was enough to prompt my body back into training mode after a few weeks of excess. Although the time off has had hardly any affect on me! I'm still 66.5kg after eating chips for 2 weeks and was one of the last riders standing on tonights track session at the velodrome in cardiff. I forgot how much 'fun' intervals were! All good for the cross season though. I won't be racing this weekend as I still need a few more part for my cross bike but hopefully I shall be racing the week and every sunday up untill christmas. I should be going even faster in the enduros next year then.... :)

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