Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Winter is here...

The first few weeks of winter training have gone well. I dont appear to have lost any fitness and I'm really enjoying it. Winter is well and truely on its way though! We had a team photoshoot on sunday ontop of Caphilly mountain. I decided to ride out from Cardiff then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon grimacing with cold rather than smiling!! I think its time to dig out the thick winter gloves and thermals! Snow and sleet is forcast for tonight so i may have to dust of the rollers rather than ride the track and risk turning into frosty the snowman.
I've also nearly finished my cross bike. My week long project has turned into a month long project as I've been so busy with uni work. I need a few more parts and to cable it up and it done. I will race my first cross race since 2005 next weekend. Luckily the race is in cardiff so i can make a quick dash for home after i get the ass whooping i'm expecting!

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