Friday, 7 November 2008

Riding in the woods

The time has finally come for me to begin racing cyclo-cross again. My last race was the 2005 3 Peaks races, where i won the junior catagory. However, i've not raced a traditional cross race since 2004 when i was a first year junior!
I've given my cross bike a bit of a make over since then. A custom paint job which i did my self and some nice shiney wheels and brakes which actually work (as well as cross brakes will ever work that is)! So this afernoon i pedalled up to the woods at castle coch on the edge of cardiff to test out the bike and polish up on my some what rusty cyclocross skills. Its a bit of a shock riding a fully ridgid bike after the plush suspension of my Ironhorse but i think i'll get used to it...i hope so anyway! I've now made a little circuit in the woods with a few log dismounts, run ups and single track so hopefully in a few weeks time i'll spend more time on my bike rather than sliding through the leaves on my face!
My first race in 3 years is in Cardiff on sunday for round 5 of the welsh cyclo-cross league. I'm aiming for a top 10 and a good work out..... i'll report back if i'm still in one piece on sunday!

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