Sunday, 9 November 2008

I have the (cyclo) X-Factor!!

Firstly apologies for the appauling title of this post!!
The cyclo-cross come back has got off to a good start. I entered rd5 of the Welsh Cyclocross league in cardiff. The course was based at Pentwyn leisure centre and consited of a challenging course with 2 acents of a steep climb. The overnight rain made the course extreamly muddy which ment the climb had to be run each lap... much to my annoyance!
I started ok and settled into a position just outside the top 10. My running skills (or lack of!) were hindering me a bit on the climbs. The decents were great fun! Its bad enough trying to ride a cross bike on the best of days but the sweeping ,off camber, grass turns made for interesting riding. One corner was paticularly slippery and was best approached in a full moto power slide!
After a few laps i pulled back a few places and settled into a good rhythme. I rode the second half of the race alone and finished about half a lap down on the winner. I'm not 100% sure on my position but i think it was around 7th or 8th so i'm quite pleased. I'd forgotten how much fun cyclocross was.... i'll definatly be back for rd 6 next weekend. Hopefully it will be a bit more ridable.... and maybe 11hours longer..heres for hoping!

(I've now seen the results... 6th place so i'm happy)

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