Monday, 17 November 2008

13...Unlucky for some

The weekend saw our first team training camp in the Lake district. Unfortunalty I was stuck at home doing university assignments! So instead of enjoying some great trails with great company i resorted sneaking out for a cheeky cyclo-cross race on sunday afternoon. This week it was at Bryn Bach park in the valleys. The course was mostly ridable apart from a few short run ups, and consisted of some trail centre like single track with double and fire track in between. Some sections were unbelivably rough and riding them in a fully rigid cross bike really battered the body.
There was a good turn out for the races (around 60). I managed to get a ok start although was around 15th for the first half of the lap. A few laps in i had moved up to a group of 3 filling positions 5,6 and 7. All was going well untill around half way throught the race when i had a bit of a stich so i slowed up a little. I then took a dodgy line when over taking a backmarker causing me to cartwheel over the bars. I was soon up but had to straighten my shifter loosing a bit of time and dropping off the group (i was number 13...hmmmm!!) From that point on i cruised around in 7th doing my best to keep out of more trouble. I was a little dissapointed as i would have liked a top5 finish.... maybe next week at margam park!

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