Sunday, 23 November 2008

Down and out

I should be heading to margam park for this weeks welsh league cyclocross as i sit here writing this. But as you may have guessed by the fact i am writing this i'm not racing today! Unfortunaly I've been coming down with a sore throat over the last few days and it has waited untill today to really kick in. So instead of racing in the rain and bittely cold wind i've decided to be sensible and stay at home rather than make it worse and get a bad chest aswell.
A few years ago i would have ignored such signs and raced anyway, and there still is part of me which wants to do the same today! But over the years i've learnt that it'll only make things worse in the long run so there no point worrying. I don't want to go and spoil the good training that I've done this week. Its been a tiring week, 3 2 hour rides and a 3h30 ride with gym on tuesday and thursday plus loads of university work to stress over. It's no wonder i've finally caught a cold! Hopefully after a few days rest i'll be fine again.... then i can take out my frustration of missing a race on my team mates at next weeks trainng camp!!!!! :)

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Blanche said...

Bring it on, fat boy!