Sunday, 28 December 2008

Back in business!!!

Finally I’m back on my bike! In the end I had to resort to seeing the doctor to try and sort out my chest. I think there must have been a lot of people with a similar problem as she rolled her eyes as I walked in moaning about my chest. 5 minutes later I walked out the surgery with some antibiotics (although I get the feeling I was prescribed them to shut me up and get rid of me!!!). A few more east days riding over Christmas and the problem was sorted.
Christmas was quite a lazy affair. Mainly eating and watching TV, although playing the boxing game on the Nintendo Wii on Boxing Day provided a good workout. Maybe I should include it in my training plan!
This weekend I got back to some serious training, 3h at a fairly steady pace on Saturday followed by a monster ride today. It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to do a 100mile ride some time between Christmas and New Year. I normally do an hour ride before the Sunday club run with the local cycling club and then make up the distance to 100miles on the ride home.
This year I decide to push it a little more. The legs were a little heavy from the day before but I woke up early and set off at first light anyway. I met up with the club run, or should I say road race (many of them are Sunday racers!) and we set off for a further 60miles of chain ganging! After the club run I felt a little tired but nothing to bad. So I set off again. The tiredness hit me a little at the 5h mark of the ride, although I felt much better after an hour or so (although turning out of the headwind and mending a slow puncture helped as well!). The legs felt pretty strong over the final hour of the ride and I hade speed up enough energy to push hard for the last 20mins to keep my average speed up! 6h45minutes after I started I arrived back home. 117miles, not bad for a Sunday morning. Hopefully I will recover quickly before more miles later in the week.

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