Monday, 19 January 2009

In the routine

I've had a good week training wise. The first part of the week was mainly hammering my self on the rollers, still being cautious with my knee. By mid week I was pretty tired and ready for a break. I wasn't totally fresh from the previous week but its blocks like that that build the strength. I had a sport massage on Thursday and my legs certainly felt like they'd been working hard.

Friday I had a trip to the chiropractor. My legs had been feeling a bit unbalanced for a while and coupled with my dodgy knee I thought it would be best to get my bones crunched. My pelvis was twisted (again) which was causing a bit of imbalance in my muscles and tightening around my knee. I walked out feeling much better!

I had to miss a mtb ride which I had planned on Saturday due to my chiropractor trip but on Sunday I finally decided to test my knee in the hills. I just rode the club run but we headed over Mardy Mountain so it got a good test. I felt strong, my knee felt ok although still not 100%. I'll give it another week of riding on the flat so it can heal properly. Hopefully it will be fine for the student cyclo cross champs on Sunday.

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