Monday, 12 January 2009

Into 'the torture chamber'!

Well the past week ended much better than it started! After a few visits to the physio to get my knee electrocuted and blasted with radiation (or something along those lines) it started to feel much better. Still not up for big rides in the hills yet but hopefully by the end of the week it should be 100%.

Instead I’ve finally been getting my act together and have started knocking out the 2x20 threshold intervals on the rollers. These are the sessions which really make my fly. Unfortunately they also hurt! They are the sort of session which is easy to delay for a number of hours because you know it’s really going to be grim!

The last time I did these sorts of intervals on the rollers was when I was thoroughly over trained so my brain was still remembering the extra suffering I went through at that time… some days I really could have cried it hurt so bad (may be I should have listened to my body!). However this week I’ve finally got my head around hurting my self on the rollers again. I set my rollers up in ‘the torture chamber’ otherwise known as the gap between the washing machine and the bins in my kitchen! And I’m away….

You always start of feeling fine, but after 2 or 3 minutes it really begins to hit your legs. It’s at this point that I normally decided that I’ll just do 4x 6 minutes instead as it hurts to much. Once I reach 6 mins I say to my self that I may as well do 10min now I’m at 6 and then stop. But once you get to 10 you always end up just doing 15 mins and before you know it you’ve done 20mins and are breathing out every orifice in your body and are wiping the sweat out your eyes as it stings too much! Then its five minutes of easy spinning before repeating the whole process all over again! Although this time it hurts a tad more. I just keep telling my self that the second one is the most important and that if I get through it I’ll be going faster when the races begin. The numbers are looking good at the moment. I’m averaging around 300Watts for 40min after just a few sessions. Hopefully in a few months time that numbers will be higher, although the sessions are always just as hard!

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