Tuesday, 6 January 2009

(K)need to take it easy!

The last week has been very constructive. After my centurion efforts the previous Sunday I was keen to build upon the work done. I managed to fit in a RAMP test, a 4h30 ride New Year’s Day followed by a tough 3h ride in Dalby the following day. On Sunday I was due to return to Cardiff and take part in the Welsh League New Year Cyclocross race, but unfortunately it was cancelled so I did another 3h on the local club run. And the best part is my legs felt awesome!

Unfortunately I've had a slight niggling injury on my knee since a crash on the ice before Christmas. It has caused no issues whilst cycling but over the course of Christmas it has gradually got worse. Initially I thought it may be a bruised bone however it has been gradually getting worse so I visited the physio today. Luckily it’s nothing major, just some damage to the medial ligament. Hopefully it will be sorted by the end of week after some treatment. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to ride hills as it puts too much stress on the joint when I stand up so its roller and the flats for me until the weekend..... But then I’ll be out in the hills having fun!

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