Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sea views

Well I made it though the week!

After Wednesday’s epic my body was in pieces, but thankfully after an easy spin on the rollers it sorted itself out and was raring to go to for the last three days of the week.

Due to the weather over the last week all the mountain roads and country lanes have all been snowed over and to risky to ride. This meant that I spend Friday and Saturday hammering around the lovely valley roads dodging the local boy racers in their tuned up Novas!

Thankfully there wasn’t too much more snow so I managed a couple of good 3h30 rides. Saturday I decided to battle the winds and head down the coast to Ogmore by sea. You could see all the way over to England, which was easier to see than normal due to all the snow on the hill tops. When the sun came out it was a lovely sight. (unfortunatly my camera phone doesnt do it justice)

Saturday night I was invited out on a Mtb ride around the local trails, which I gladly accepted. The road was getting boring and the lure of the hills and good company was much more appealing. We rode over from Caerphilly to Cwm carn again. This time the snow wasn’t as powdery so the tracks were mostly ride able. Cwm carn was great fun to ride, if a little dodgy on the ice in places but much quicker than Wednesday’s efforts. It was fun getting a drift on down the descents (not always intentionally!)

Overall I managed a 22 and a bit hour week. Not bad considering the conditions. I’m still feeling strong if a little sore on harder efforts, it’s all good though! Now for a few days rest before another block of hard training….. Bring it on!

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