Monday, 25 May 2009

Back to business

Finally I’ve been riding my bike…wooo!

After a really terrible time since Easter I’ve finally completed 95% of my uni work and have had a massive load lifted off my mind. With all my printing deadlines met on Monday it left me nothing to do… apart from try to beast my self into some kind of form ready for Bristol 12.

So on Monday I headed out from Cardiff on my mountain bike. Thankfully I managed to avoid the rain storms which had been floating around for the previous few days, but still managed to dress like I was expecting them! It was a rather warm ride. The ground was still a bit wet though so it made for some interesting riding in places. I decided to head over to Caerphilly before climbing up to the top of Machen mountain to ride the super steep rooty trails. It was the first time I’d ridden Machen in the wet; it was interesting to say the least! Thankfully I managed to get own in one piece. After around 3 hours I began to get pretty tired as the hard efforts on the hills took their toll. I arrived home a little under 4hours, certainly the longest ride I’ve managed in a while.

It took me a few days to recover from Mondays efforts but by Thursday I was back out in the hills, this time on my road bike. My plan was to ride the hills hard and sit at a tempo pace in between. As it turns out I was feeling strong and rode the climbs and the in between bits hard! The legs were beginning to remember what to do.

Another easy day was required before a long hard ride on Saturday. This time I rode the climbs hard and sat tempo in between feeling strong again. Hopefully it’s a sign of good things to come before Bristol 12 in 2 weeks time.

Next week I have a few hard group rides and a crit (or 2!) planned, hopefully they will get some speed in my legs, then its resting, resting, resting so I can dish out some pain at Bristol ;)

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