Monday, 23 November 2009


Well my training for the new season didn’t last very long! The month I spend partying every weekend and not sleeping till at least 3am finally caught up with me. I managed to catch some kind of nasty flu bug. So instead of training I have spent a week off work in bed feeling sorry for my self.

Things are looking up now though. My legs felt super fresh at the weekend and the snot levels were almost acceptable so the bike was wheeled out. I managed 2hours. The first hour I thought I had lost all my cycling ability as I was sooo slow. Fortunaly I had forgotten about this thing called wind so when I turned around I was flying again!

Sunday was the local cycling clubs hill climb. The course is quite amusing; the record is just under 3 mins with an average speed of 31mph!!! There is more downhill and flat than climbing, got to love Cambridgeshire.

Anyway I avoided the ‘hill climb’ as I felt the wind chill on the descent may agitate my cold! The following club run was more reminiscent of a Belgian classic which horizontal rain and horrific crosswinds, so much for not agitating the cold. And I almost got dropped in the crosswinds!

One thing is for sure… I won’t be peaking in February in my usual style!

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