Sunday, 8 November 2009

And so it begins

This week is the beginning…

The last month has been a bit crazy, more parties and beers than I can remember. This week however the training began.

This time around I’m going to do it properly. Last year my mind was working in overdrive after my 12h successes. 2 weeks was the space of time I had off the bike, followed by big miles. It worked a treat and I was absolutely flying, unfortunately it was only January!

I have to admit that I screwed up the past season. I failed to peak for all my major races. My body was so tired at Easter that I needed 2 weeks of total rest to avoid the pit of overtraining. Fortunaly I was ok for Bristol 12 but no where as fit as I know I can be. My first main target of the year was 24/12 and I managed to get there in good shape. Unfortunately my mind was not doing so well which ended in catastrophic mental meltdown.

I felt that in order to redeem my self I should ride another 12h to set my mind right again. Unfortunaly I had already committed to Trans Wales and sleepless in the saddle. The result was a consistent month solid of racing, almost 80hours worth. By the end of august I was tired and run down. Between then and relentless 24 my training was minimal. It was more a case of not getting ill or exhausted before my 24h debut. I did however address some of my fundamental weaknesses, my nutrition and my mind. Fortunaly these changes made a huge impact and I was back on it at Relentless24.

Next year I know I can and will be better.

The first steps started this week. I’m doing some weight training, trying to grow some muscles. I have also built my self a single speed training bike for the many hours of mud slugging come….. bring it on!

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