Saturday, 13 February 2010

Miles of rest

Following the Thetford enduro 3 weeks ago I caught my first cold of the year. And what a stinker it was! Sneezing snot non stop, yummy. Although it was a bit of an annoyance it shifted pretty quickely and i was back on the bike.

I manage a good strong 20h week. Plenty of good long rides with a bit of tempo riding thrown in to up the intensity a bit. Things were looking good as finished my first big week but then I started feeling a bit funny. My system mus have been rundown a little as i seem to have caught a bug of some sort. I felt sick for a few days and had a few stomach problems so had a few days off as i couldnt eat enough. Things seems ok again but this week i have tried to resume training and feek nausious every time i put in any slight effort on the bike. Not good. So I am now having 3 days with NO BIKE!!!!! Its rubbish, the longest I've been off since my post season binge. Hopefully things will sort themselfs out so i can train again next week.

In the mean time I am resting and eating trying to put on some weight. A few days of undereating due to sickness following a big week have left me skeletal, show me the pies!

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