Thursday, 11 March 2010

A smashing time

I’ve been a bit quiet recently on the blog front. Now I’m no longer a student I don’t have so much time to waste!

Things are going good though. February was a mixed month. I managed to pick up a virus of some description which meant that I trained inconsistently for 3 weeks. I just felt sick every time I rode my bike and lost my appetite. One week I managed to loose 2kg in a few days, not good. You can be too light, I just felt week and horrible and then picked up a cold. I guess being able to see your ribs in your back is not the best thing!

Things are going well now. The enforced rest has allowed my body to adapt to the punishment I have given it since Christmas. Now I’m just smashing it again, fun times. As I write now I am approaching the end of my final block of base training. Things are starting to get a bit more intense now. I raced on the road at the weekend in a local road race. The distance was fine; the intensity of the sprint up the finishing climb was not however. My Enduro legs didn’t like that so much and I ended up 20sec of the remains of the bunch at the finish. There were only 30 finishers though so I guess that’s ok. O yeah and I did a 5h ride the day before, which may have had something to do with my legs hurting!

I’m finally going to ride my new team bike this weekend. I cant wait, hopefully 29inch wheels will suit my lanky body nicely. Now I have 2 days left of punishment left before a rest week. I can’t wait as my body needs a bit of rest to get stronger. Then its time for some racing!

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