Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Juice Lubes!

I'm happy to announce that Juice Lubes have agreed to sponsor me...

They will be providing me with all manner of cleaning and lubricating products to keep my santacruz running smoothly throughout this season.

So far initial impressions are good. The Fork Juice is particularly impressive (and makes your bike smell like strawberries). I haven't had the chance to test the Dirt Juice bike cleaner just yet (my bike is still sparkley clean since the juice lubes guys cleaned it for me after the National 24).

Further reviews on lube performance to come....

In addition to the Juice Lubes I have also been supplied with some Esi Grips. Lightweight, comfortable, silicone grips in an array of pretty colours...

Further reviews to come following some more thorough testing

Thanks very much for the support guys, i hope to be on a podium near you soon!

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