Thursday, 10 June 2010

Onwards and upwards

Since the 24hours nationals I have been taking things steady. Eating junk and drinking have become the norm for a few weeks. The serious athlete healthy habits need to be relaxed sometimes!

Now training has resumed in earnest ready for my next test. In 2 weeks I will be flying to Canada for the BC Bike race. This entails 7 days of single-track heaven! I can’t wait. Hopefully I can post some respectable results. There are a number of pros in the field so I hope to up my game.

2 weeks after I get back I will once again saddle up the the long haul. I’m racing the 24 solo race at Bontrager 24twelve. Originally I was entered for the 12h but my performance at the nationals and the fact that 2 American pros have entered the race has swayed my decision. I want to reach the top so racing some of the best guys in the world will hopefully help me get there.

Bring it on!

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