Thursday, 15 July 2010

Back home

Since my last post I have returned home to England. The second half of my trip to Canada was a bit of a disaster riding wise, i.e. I didn’t do any! My shoulder was too painful all week. In the end I had to resort to going for walks in the mountains around whistler.

The second part of the week was spent in Squamish. I was kindly put up by Dave from Corsa cycles. By this time I had realised that my shoulder was more than just bruising. A doctor confirmed my fears and I was diagnosed with a type 2 Shoulder separation. I found the best treatment was to drink beer; the numbness seemed to ease the pain.

Dave arrange for one of his mates to take me up in his plane. It was certainly a great experience flying about the mountains and seeing Squamish and Whistler from the air. Then on the final day Dave threw a party in Corsa cycles and we all got drunk! I can’t thank Dave enough for his kindness…. Thanks!

I arrived home on Sunday, slightly jetlagged and sore. Monday morning was spent in A&E to check for fractures in my collar bone, thankfully it was in one piece. I am still off the bike though and unable to drive. Its looking 99% certain that I will not be able to race at Bontrager 24/twelve which is extremely disappointing. Instead I will use this rest as a short break before training hard for my goals later in the season including the Kielder 100, 3 peaks Cyclocross and my local event Dusk till Dawn.

Also I would like to wish good luck to my friend Nina who is moving to New York to chase her dreams…. Good luck!

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Mark Zarro said...

I've used the "self medicating with beer" technique before as well; but it seems a particular shame this happened on your trip to Canada. I've cycled in the States and am sure Canada is about the same.