Sunday, 4 July 2010

BC Bike race

The Bc Bike race is finally over. I'm now in whistler. The race started well, and i gradually worked my way up the overall classification every day. On the 4th day however my luck changed. A snapped chain and then getting lost for a few minutes after missing the course marking lost me 10minutes whilst riding into a top ten position. The next day i clawed back some more time and set myself up in a good position for a final push in the last 2 days. However i woke up on the 6th day with a stomach bug. I couldn't eat much but started regardless. I just didnt have any energy though and had to pull out at the first aid station. Its a bit disapointing but there is not much a could do to prevent it. Today i started the stage. I was feeling a lot better and was out to have fun as i no longer had an overall position. Things were good up the first climb and i was in a confortable position. On the descent of the bike park i was having great fun airing the doubles and table tops. However i misjudges a step up at the bottom of the hill and performed the perfect 'dead sailer'. Over the bars i went head firstlanding in my shoulder and sliding along my back. My shoulder is bruised and pretty sore so once again i DNF. I still have a week out here so will be training hard shoulder permitting. Full report and video to follow....

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