Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Time to ride

Finally i have managed to get back to some kind of normality cycling wise after seperating my shoulder 6 weeks ago. The past 2 weeks i have been putting in steady miles on my road bike. At first my shoulder ached constantly but gradually the strength has increased and its getting back to normal.

Yesterday i rode my mtb for the first time since the crash. All seemed good however i am still reluctent to pull up hard on the bars to bunny hop logs and other trail obsticals as it tweaks my damaged tendon. I am however going to race next weekend at the brighton big dog. The lack of a big target such as the National 24 has made motivation to train low. I really don't fancy spending hours on the road looking at numbers from my power tap, and there are no good mtb trails where i live. Instead i think i will build some form by racing lots and riding for fun.

My latest video is also ready, thanks to gerard at SOHI films for putting together a quick roundup of the BC Bike race:

I've really enjoyed putting together and filming videos of my races and it is something i am going to contiune to do starting at the weekend. Lookout for the BigDog video next week...

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