Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Torq team weekend

The past weekend I've been in Shropshire to visit Torq fitness for a team get together.

We arrived on Friday for some fitness testing. First up was a lactate threshold test on the turbo trainer with blood samples being taken every few minutes as the power output increased. This pinpoints the power output at which lactic acid begins to appear in the blood and muscles. Following that it was the dreaded threshold test, a 20minutes blast up the nearest hill. Results for this were a little disappointing for me as I was marginally lower than testing last year. My output was only 332Watts and I was hoping to be closer to 350W... possibly I still had some fatigue in my legs from the epic week in Gran Caneria but still disappointing and something to work on!

The following day was a nice 5h group rode around Shropshire, taking in the technical trails around Eastridge as well as the long Mynd and Stipel stones. The next day a few of us did a 4h ride mainly focusing on skills in Eastridge. By the end of the day I couldn't decide if my legs or arms were more tired!

Here is a film from the weekend:

Torq training ride in Shropshire from Josh Ibbett on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I fly out to Spain for a month. First stop is Freeride Spain for 3 weeks of training and then hopefully a 6 day stage race or possibly a week training with the Torq boys... I'm still undecided! Now to pack my bags....

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