Sunday, 13 March 2011

Black Park XC

Today I raced in the Black Park Xc. It was my first XC race of the year and I was a little unsure how I would go. I know i'm strong but have done no intensity so I was keen to find out how I would respond.

My first lap was appalling! I was dead last off the start line and had no kick in my legs. I soon settled into a rhythm though and waited for the guys who had gone off too hard to blow and get out my way! As the race settled down a group of 5 guys was at the front including Steve James, Scott Forbes and Jody Crawford. Between them and me was Phil Lenny. I kept the gap to the front group the same for most of the race however they pulled away a bit towards the end. Phil was riding at the same speed as me and it was very frustrating that i just couldn't close the 10 second gap to him!
I chased all race but to no avail eventually finishing in 6th place.

Although the result was not spectacular I was quite pleased as I held the gap to some of the fasted XC guys in the country for most of the race. If i had a bit more top end speed I may even have been able to get into the lead group, hopefully in a few weeks I'll have that speed. I'll only get faster!

Heres a slightly trippy video:

Black Park XC from Josh Ibbett on Vimeo.

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