Saturday, 4 June 2011

Alpen tour stage 3

Today was a nice short day, only 16km. The only problem was the fact that it was a mountain time trial!

I woke up with pretty sore legs and was dreading the race. Off the start I decided to take it fairly easy and then gradually up the tempo. After about 3km we hit a steep fire road. Miraculously I began to find a nice rhythm and began to catch a few of the riders who started ahead of me.

I had to pop a Torq Caffeine gels half way to keep me going but it seemed to work and a felt quite god considering the circumstances. Into the last 3km I began to feel a bit worse for wear but kept my tempo up and finished fairly strongly.

I still finished 71st around 14minutes off the winner but some how managed to drop a few places on GCm to 77th. Not sure how that happened. I was around 4 minutes off the back of team mate Ben which I was quite pleased with (need to find the positives somewhere!).

Tomorrow only has 1 mountain pass with a few more smaller hills so I'm hoping that it will suit me a bit more, maybe I can get inside the top 70!

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