Sunday, 16 October 2011

The off season

The last time I rode my bike I rode 200miles. Since then I've done nothing. Beating the south downs double record seemed a nice way to end the season so I've been enjoying being lazy for a while. I have managed to keep a little busy though, here a list of whats been going on:

Wall papered bedroom (well 'supervised' my mother wallpapering my bedroom!)
Went to the Pub for double celebrations
Started working full time at USE/ Exposure (don't worry only for a few months!)
Went to Birmingham bike show to work with USE/ Exposure
Got bitten on the ankle by a killer brummie insect
Stood up for 4 days solid
Managed to get bite on ankle infected
Late night trip to A&E upon return from Birmingham
Had 2 days off work due to infected ankle swelling like balloon!

Went back to work
Worked at Dusk Till Dawn
Went back to work and made Maxx D's all day
Moaned about sore hands from making Maxx D's all day
Went to work and played with the laser etcher all day
Managed not to burn off fingers on laser
Drank some Russian Vodka
Went to Brighton but cant remember what happened due to aforementioned Vodka
Had a headache
Went for stroll on the beach
Stroll turns into 2h power walk
Sold junk on ebay
Accidently brought rock climbing shoes on ebay
Wrote this blog

That's obviously a condensed version of my activities over the last few week. Normal cycling activities (and real paragraphs!) resume next week when I begin building my base for 2012. I cant wait!

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