Monday, 15 December 2008

Mental meltdown

My brain is fried! The first big deadline of the final year at university is approaching and the stress is begining to take its toll. For the last 10 weeks I've been undertaking my major design project which is worth 30% of the overall degree, the brief was to redesign a child seat for a bike. The first half of the project was relativly stress free, but for the past month it has completly consumed my life. A general day for the past month consists of waking up and begining work around 8 in the morning for a few hours. Then i go training for a few hours before getting straight back to work and continuing untill my brain cannot physically function, normally around 10;30. Then its bed time, however sleeping has become hard work as i spend most of the time thinking about my project as i fall asleep! Training has become my escape however over the last week i've been to exhausted to train. Rides over 3h are out of the question at the moment as i need lots of time for my project and my brain is unable to cope with the boredom of rollers after looking at a screen for the last month solidly. So i've decided to be sensible and really cut down on the training for a few weeks to prevent my self overdoing it. Its not all bad news though!! I've managed to keep fairly consistent on the weights programme and i am now making noticable improvements. However, as my team mates will tell you i dont appear to have any more muscle and do still look like a peperami (i took that comment as a complement!) !

Bring on friday and deadline day, then i shall be free over xmas to put in some big miles...can't wait :)

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